Richard Nailder And The Crew


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This picture was taken of me and the crew after a hard day of shooting with Kaydence Skye and Thena Sky in Las Vegas. Right to left cooch Bob (Kaybence Sky’s Brother), Thena Sky, Richard Nailder (aka PapaGMP), Kaydence Sky and Rick (the best camera perve in Vegas).

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Beaver Bob, Thena Sky, Richard Nailder, Kaydence Skye and Rick

Thena Sky has been a friend of mine since just after her 18th birthday. This sexy coed-next-door is really the “coed next door” living only a few blocks from me she often hangs out at my place with her friends or alone and even lived at the flat with her ex-boyfriend for a while. Thena did her first amateur sex coed porno video clips when she was 18 and has worked for/with me ever since. Kaydence Skye is a fresh amateur sex face from California that I met through her brother who filmed her in her first sister porno video clip the morning this picture was snapped.

I had just got done fucking Kaydence and was scheduled to fuck Thena for a Real Colorado Girls set in a few hours. In the interim, Thena and Kaydence were hitting it off so we decided to set a coed-coed lesbian set of the two hot coeds before I got to work hammering Thena’s wet little coed cunt. The coed-coed set will be posted soon but you can see Kaydence Sky’s first sister porno video clip on Bring Me Your Sister.

The hard-bodied tattooed 18-year-old Kaydence Skye is brand new to the porno industry but Thena has been working with me since just after her 18th birthday. Both babes are a lot of fun to fuck and moving from the super-flexible Thena Sky to the cheerleader cute hard-bodied Kaydence Skye is more fun than any old man should be allowed to have.  Damn – I just realized that I can add both their ages together – their combined age is still 9 years short of my age. I’ll let you try to figure out how fucking old I am – but the babes are plenty young to keep my old penis hard. Call me a dirty old man but I think I like my job.

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Butterfly Haze Lets Her Brother Video Her Fucking


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Butterfly haze had pissed her brother off by fucking his wife – now he wanted a little payback. Not so much because his sister fucked his wife, but because his wife let him for his sister. Not that’s just wrong. Being the loving brother that he was, he figured that it was only right that his sister get fucked in return and when he say the add that the perv that runs Bring Me Your Sister runs in the local paper, he knew exactly how he was going to fuck his sister over for fucking his wife. He would pimp her out in her very first porno scene. These are a few photograph of Butterfly Haze from her very first hardcore porno scene – enjoy.

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Eighteen year old Butterfly Haze is pimped by her brother

This athletic coed wasn’t used to immense cocks and it hurt her more than a little when the older man stuffed his throbbing cock in her tight teen pussy. Her brother obviously enjoyed seeing his eighteen year old sister getting fucked in her first porno scene because he asked for a copy of the sister porno scene when he finished – sick fucker!

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Tattooed coed Butterfly Haze does her first porno video

This cute tattooed and pierced teen slut was a little shy around her brother at first but she was soon covered in jizz so fucking in front of him couldn’t have been all that bad. In fact, she liked it enough to come back and do more porno for the old bastard so bookmark this site and we’ll keep posting naughty photograph of this sexy girl-next-door.

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Butterfly haze covered in cum

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Anistaija Does Her First Nekkid Photoshoot


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Anistaija first posed unclad for Glass Mannequin Productions right after her eighteenth birthday. This sexy teen has been doing smut ever since. Anistaija’s letter-perfect teen body and her cute face make her one of the sexiest amateur sex models  to ever come out of Colorado. This cute topless picture is from her first ever topless photo session. These picture are the very first exposing this cute teen’s perky pierced nipples to the world. She was so shy that she never did pull her thong aside and flash her clean shaved cunt but in her next shoot, she showed us how she plays with her sexy little clitoris.

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Anistaija is a true amateur sex and has only done smut for the perverts at Glass Mannequin Productions. She can be seen on all three of our sites, Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister. Her pictures are all 100 percent exclusive  and she loves the  camera

Richard Nailder And Thena Sky


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Thena Sky has been a dear friend since just after her 18th birthday when I met her at a local club. Thena even lived at my place for a few months between jobs. Thena’s cute looks normally match her sweet personality but during this set she was being a little cunt. It all started before the set – she had been texting a new guy that she really wanted to fuck  and she was all horny from texting the dumb fucker. Before the set the set, this little cunt told me she would be thinking about her telephone sex dude and pretending it was him stuffing his hard erection deep in her dainty little cunt. Oh well – so she would rather think about a younger guy as the old bastard fucker her tight little coochie – what do I care? I’m the one that’s going to set my hot sticky sperm all over her skinny coed body.

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Richard Nailder: Thena Sky

Anyway, about 3/4 through the set I was fucking her pretty hard when I had the nervethe f to say something to her….   The little cunt turned to me and said “Richard, would you shut the fuck up! You’re ruining it for me…..” Oh well, at least I got to fuck her – even if she would rather dream about someone else ;-)

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Richard Nailder Gets Blown


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This nasty picture of me getting blown by Autumn Breeze as errant Little Hannah plays with my balls was taken during a set that I did with the two brunette teens for “Jack” (we call her that because she has a unique affection for a certain whiskey) is doing the vid closeups and edited the vid for the site.  Hannah had already done a handful of porno sets but Autumn had only done one porno set before this one (hell, she was practical a porno virgin) and neither teenager had ever done a three-some. I was really liking having my pecker sucked and fucked by these two coed honies because the two looked so much alike that they could have been sisters – but then – it would be wrong for sisters to do the things these two did to each other in this set so maybe it’s better that they just looked like sisters and weren’t actually related . But since they both had the firmest little titties and the wettest little coed twats that felt so warm on my large swollen pecker………..   damn – they look like sisters to me! If you desire to see the entire vid of these two amateur sex coed porno models then check out Real Colorado Girls today.

Richard Nailder

Richard Nailder Gets Blown NaughtyLittleHannah AutumnBreeze plts teen amateur brunette sbj xxxp ffm orgy sisp bgg

Hannah and Autumn Blow Me

Fiery Redheaded Amateur Sex Sweetheart In Lingerie Spreading Her Fuckable Booty


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Klepa is a new redhead sweetie from I never would have guessed that this sexy Romanian sweetie is actually an amateur sex. Because Klepa acts so natural in front of the camera. Just like she is doing this for all her life! But this photo shooting was Klepa’s first one! Click here and watch this skinny Romanian coed how she strips off in front of the camera and watch her how she plays with her kitten! If you are into wild amateur sex teenagers then Klepa is definitely a coed you must check out because she will drive you nuts!