Ace And Jayma


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Oh boy! What a fun time we had here. I know you guys recognize Ace, but you may not know my pal Jayma. She’s darn cute too. Jayma and I like a lot of the same things. Justin Timberlake, Gucci and some giant black cock. So when I told Jayma that Ace was coming over to fuck me, she begged me to let her come over. So I said OK! I don’t know what it is about Ace, but I really like his cock. Especially when it’s 10" inside of me. And what’s even hotter is when Jayma puts it in my cooder for Ace. It makes me lose my mind! XOXO – Katie
Ace And Jayma Ace And Jayma
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Chastity Lynn


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Good things come to those who wait. I wasted so much gas as I cruised several neighborhoods until I encountered this white babe named Chastity Lynn. Inititally she didn’t hunger for to hear a thing I said until I mentioned that I’m a collector of porno that I star in along with whatever white sluts I can coax into getting into my place. I had all the ammunition I needed in order for her to drop her underpants and her nervousness: The bulge in my blue jeans that she couldn’t help but notice. After some nice rubbing she unzipped my pants and her jaw nearly dropped because nothing could prepare her for the task at hand. Fuck, her forearm isn’t as long as my pecker but she was up to the task of stuffing my monster black pecker past her tonsils and into her stomach.She would suck for a few strokes and pause to ask me if this vid would truly never make it to the Internet. I told her what she wanted to hear and she gave me what I wanted to fuck; that ONCE tight wet vagina which I nearly destroyed the cervix of but that’s to be expected with white teens who never really dabbled in interracial sex. Holla at me and tell me what you think of Chastity Lynn as well as the popshot I doused her with!
Chastity Lynn Chastity Lynn
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Amai Lui


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This latest addition to my personal series is Amai Liu. She’s gotta be about 90 lbs, 5’0”, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in camera presence. Ya never know how a new scene fucktoy will perform in her first ever shoot. I feel as if they’ll give a lackluster performance since they believe it will never get on the Internet but that changes once they get more comfortable with me. She told me she’d never done any type of modeling so I prepared myself to give her a ton of direction in order for her not to run out of the room while having second thoughts. I kept having pics in my heads of her tight teen vagina tearing while trying to take all of my inches. Doubt was soon erased as she became a devilish black erection sucker and I reaped the benefits. My black erection must have weighed more than her entire blow job as well as her arms and that got me harder than before. I quickly impaled her on my black erection as my camera was capturing this interracial sex fiasco at thirty frames a second. Amai Liu took a gallon of my homemade seed and kept jerking my erection in hopes that more black seed would come out. She completely drained my balls and it was off to the editing bay with this latest piece of gold.
Amai Lui Amai Lui
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Ashli Orion Bangs For Book Dough


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The book bang crew was not having any luck. The campus was lacking hot girls in fact it was lacking people in general! The place was a ghost town then we saw curvy 19 year old brunette Ashli Orion practicing her lines. Ashli was a drama major and has dreams of becoming an actress one day. Just in luck we told her we were making one of our sexy independent art films but she hesitated when she found out it involves nudity but quickly changed her tune once we threw in the huge coin which she needed for books. Once in the studio she couldn’t keep her eyes off my junk. I quickly devoured her curves licking her moist pussy as she gets a mouthful of my ten incher. I pounded her muff hard and spewed cream all over her face! Check out the full DOWNLOADABLE clip ONLY at

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