Sami’s Shower Fest


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If you haven’t gotten yourself acquainted with Sami, here is your over-sized chance…an intimate moment with her alone…in the shower. And if you feel like you and Sami are really hitting it off with this photo set, then you’d probably enjoy the VIDEO CLIP of her in the shower…it can only be seen in her very first scene, Lights Out, Lezbos! You can have Sami in the shower in every form possible!

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Dusty’s St. Patty’s Day Tribute


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We love taking photos in bathrooms…it’s the thing to do! Dusty got all dolled up for her bathroom photo set – she put on her best green sparkly dress. Let’s just consider this as our post St. Patty’s Day celebration here…since we just kinda forgot about that holiday on BurningAngel. Nothing against St. Patty’s Day – we were just busy!

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Amateur Sex Teen Lesbians


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Faith-Vega and Anistaija are two very sexy amateur sex teenager lesbians who wanted to ravage each others cute teenager twats and Faith just happened to have her favorite sex sextoy handy. These short lesbians were not about to wait,  they wanted to fuck right now and  Glass Mannequin barely had time to start the cameras rolling before these two short teenager lesbians were ripping each others clothes off. Anistaija knew exactly what she planned to do once she had Faith stripped down and being the dominant cunt, went straight to hammering Faith’s little bald muffy with the massive vibrator.

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Once Anistaija was satisfied she had the massive vibrator lubricated with enough of her Latina girlfriend’s muffy juice she slid herself down between Faith’s legs and inserted the remaining 12? of the dong into her petite teenager muffy. These two teenager lesbians fucked for what would seem to be hours and neither stopped for so much as a breath as the massive vibrator slid between each cute teenager muffy.

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Jane’s Black Underwear


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I have known Jane for eight years now; and when I first met her she was smokin’ hot…and here she is eight years later, still smokin’ hot. She is turning into one hot grown-up! We always love updating with Jane…and she looks so sexy and sultry in her black sheer lingerie. Rrrrrar!

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Memorial Day With Allister!


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AHHHHH Allister. What can I say? You just get hotter and hotter with every photo set. You know you are in for a good weekend when it starts off with Allister! So have a happy Memorial Day weekend and be sure to do lots of Memorial type things…but first, pay your respects to Allister‘s exquisite vagina!

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