Mr. Richard Fucks Another Dwarf Teenager


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I know – I’m a pig! But I truly love stuffing my fat meat as deep as possible in cute petite coeds wet little pussies and when I first met the itty bitty little Delilah Daze, I knew that one day I would be stuffing my meat balls-deep in her itty bitty little cunt. But now without first playing with her first-rate round butt, getting a flawless fellatio and fucking her feet for a bit. Now it’s all on Real Colorado teenagers for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own residence.

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Fucking Delilahs Feet

I know – this is just a picture of Delilah’s itty bitty feet – Size 3 for Christ sake, my meat is bigger than her itty bitty feet. If you like little feet – then you have to see this clip. Also, if you like a petite girl with a first-rate round booty then you will yearn for to join Real Colorado Girls today and watch the entire clip of this itty bitty coed cum dumpster fucking on camera.

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Perfect coed Booty

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Delilah Daze Pimped By Her Brother


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With unemployment at a all-time high it’s no wonder that siblings are looking for creative ways to make ends meet and some creative brothers have found that pimping their own sisters out is a top-notch way to make a little extra coin. Dave had already decided that his sister needed to be punished for spending all the rent cash and after finding the add for Bring Me Your Sister  add online, Dave decided exactly how he was going to fuck his sister over – he would pimp the little cunt out in her first-ever porno movie and coin in on the receipts.

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Delilah Daze Pimped By Her Brother

Like most loving brothers, Dave didn’t tell his mischievous little sister what he had planned with the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister but just showed up on my doorstep with his sister in tow and a chip on his shoulder – he wanted his rent cash back and if it meant his sister would have to spread her legs and fuck an old man’s wrinkled dick – then so be it!  That said – I think Dave was a little surprided at how easy it was to talk his petite little sister into fucking in front of him. small little Delilah was soon bent over the couch with her shaved little cunt just inches from her brother’s camera – just teasing him with the scent of her womanhood.

Delilah's Brother Films Her Cute Teen Ass

Delilah’s Brother videos Her Cute teen Ass

I think her brother was a little surprised when the old man she was fucking didn’t pull out to cream but instead, filled her small little teenage cunt with cream – creampie style, then lifted his sister off his dick and let his his warm cream drip out of her little cunt and all over the couch. Of course, Dave kept on filming and now you can all enjoy yhe first movie he ever made of his petite dark haired sister – perky boobies and all.

Cum Dripping From His Sister

Cum Dripping From His Sister’s Pussy

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Maxi Booty Fucks A Friend – Part 1


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Glass Mannequin’s sexiest teenager cunt, Maxi Booty, lives just up the street from Richard Nailder in Colorado Springs and stops by from time to time for a good fuck and that’s just what the hard-bodies teenager had in mind when she showed up at Richard’s apartment in her sexy shorts and t-shirt – maxi wanted some penis and the fact that Richard filmed everything at his apartment didn’t bother her at all. In fact, this cute coed loves making homemade sex vids and there’s no better place to make real homemade sex vids than at Richard Nailder’s place.

Of course, the old man that runs Glass Mannequin would be remiss if he didn’t play with Maxi’s undamaged teenager ass before he fucked the teenager bitch so with cameras rolling, the older man put Maxi on her knees and proceeded to grope her undamaged ass. Maxi’s muffy was getting wet so the old bastard decided he would taste the sweet folds of her teenager muffy before fucking the hot coed.

One nice thing about Glass Mannequin’s Maxi Booty – she keeps her little cunt clean and it’s always ready for a good tongue-fuck and Richard Nailder is known for his ability to bring girls to orgasm with his tongue and Maxi is no exception.  Pulling the sexy teenager’s pink underwear aside, the older man proceeded to run his wet tongue over her already fat clitoris.

Maxi moaned and arched her back, pressing her coochy into the older man’s face – moaning in pleasure, the hard-bodied coed climaxed for the first time on camera. Real orgasms caught on camera – that’s what we love about real homemade sex vids – sponsored by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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Maxi Booty Sucks And Fucks A 50-year-old-penis


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What would you give to have the teenage pornstar Maxi Booty and her friends suck your dick for your 50th birthday? This is exactly what happened at Richard Nailder’s 50th birthday party – Maxi and her friends from Glass Mannequin had decided to throw a little birthday party for the old bastard that got them all into porno and soon the three were taking turns sucking and fucking the nasty old bastard.

Maxi soon had her friends, Indica Young and Gracelynn Moans helping her suck the old man’s fat dick. Taking turns, the three teens, two blondes, Indica and Gracelynn and the hard-bodied brown haired Maxi Booty gave the old man the birthday head of his life – what more can a an ask for on his birthday?

But what good is a cute coed with the exceptional perky boobs and the shaved coed cunt if you can’t fuck the shit out of her? In fact, what good is a big hard dick if you can’t stuff it into the tightest coed muffy you’ve ever known? And lucky for the old fuck, Maxi Booty has one of the tightest coed twats he’s ever had the pleasure to fuck.  Of course, the old fart fucked her two cute teenage friends too but none felt quite the same on his puffy dick as the teenage pornstar Maxi Booty.

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