Angel Cakes First Porno Shoot


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Angel Cakes never thought she would be doing porno but after fucking her brother’s boyfriend……. (don’t ask)  her brother decided that his little sister needed a good grudge-fuck for her transgressions. Thanks to the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister, he would even get to shoot his sister getting fucked by the old bastard and there was nothing his sister could say that was gong to prevent him from from making her do porno. Angel is a cute eighteen year old brunette with a cute smile, perky little knockers, a shaved teen cooch and a first-rate round ass.

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Angel Cakes Brother Prepares To shoot Her In Her First porno Video

Soon after showing up at the doorstep of the Bring Me Your Sister crew, her brother had a camera in his hand and his sister was sprawled out on Richard Nailder’s couch as he licked her cooch for the first time on camera. Angel is a very shy  coed-next-door type and she was a little overwhelmed by having her brother there as she was getting eaten-out but there was nothing she could do to stop the old man and her brother wasn’t helping either.

Angel Cakes Gets Her Pussy Licked As Her Brother Films

Angel Cakes Gets Her cooch Licked As Her Brother Films

Not everyone’s sister is as cute as Angel Cakes and not everyone’s sister is willing to do porno but lucky for us, her brother was looking for vengeance – and what better vengeance than to make your sister suck a fat pecker as you shoot it for the internet? Poor Angel did her best to ignore the fact that her froward brother was next to her as she proceeded to suck the old guy’s fat pecker. Her brother enjoyed the head vid but he was having a heard time waiting to see his sister fucking the old bastard – after all, the little cunt had fucked her brother’s friend and he she needed to pay.

Angel Cakes Sucks Cock For Her Brother

Angel Cakes Sucks pecker For Her Brother

The good news is her brother put the tape of his sister fucking on the internet for everyone to enjoy. See Angel Cakes first porno scene today at Bring Me Your Sister today and get full access to two additional sites featuring this hard-bodied teen for the same price.

Angel Cakes Brother Made Her Do Sister Smut


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It’s well known that Angel Cakes first ever porno vid was filmed by her brother for a itty bitty amateur sex porno site called Bring Me Your Sister but few people know that her brother brought her back and filmed his sister fucking for the camera for a second time. Being the generous person that I am I thought I’d share a few pictures of the sibling sex fimed porn for you all to enjoy. The first picture of the super cute Angel Cakes and her brother was taken right after she agreed to let her brother shoot her fucking. You can tell from the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face that she’s looking forward to the fat pecker of the old man that runs Bring Me Your Sister and the  fact that her brother would be within inches of her wet little cunt with a camera obviously doesn’t bother her at all.

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Angel Cakes And Her Brother

When a babes shows up at Bring Me Your Sister for the second time, you can bet that the little tramp is seriously interested in getting into porno and Angel Cakes is no exception. In her first sister porno vid, she was a little uncomfortable  but this time, she was looking forward to showing off her cute smile, first-class perky tits, faultless round booty and her puffy teenager cooder. And althouh her brother claimed to be gay, he sure did a good job of getting plenty of closeups of his sister’s teenager cooder – or maybe it was the old guy’s fat pecker that was turning her brother on……..

Angel Cakes amateur sister porn video

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel took to porno like a fish takes to water – and even with her brother filming her she was comfortable with her nudity and it showed. This chick will do well in porno and the guys at Bring Me Your Sister were lucky that she had a froward  brother that was willing to pressure her to do porno. In fact, if you ask me, we’re all lucky that this cute brunette’s brother forced her to do porno.

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

OK – I know you were all waiting to see Angel’s first-class round ass – and so I’ll throw in one picture of her brother filming her riding the fat pecker of Richard Nailder in her second porno vid ever. As an ass lover I love watching Angel’s first-class ass riding up and down on a fat pecker – and the fact that her own brother was filming it is a turn-on in itself so take a minute and imagine it you grasping Angel Cakes first-class round ass and slowly lowering her wet teenager cooder onto your own throbbing pecker.

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

Angel Cakes And Her Brother

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It’s In My Fucking Face


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You know, when you’ve been fucking a hussy and all the chick can do is talk about how good her her ex fucked her or about how she prefers athletic black men in dreads? You know the kind, the kind of chick you like fucking so long you don’t have to hear their bullshit stories about all the fools in the hood they’ve fucked. Well, naughty Little Hannah was that chick. This cute 18-year old had done it all – that is, except having her face covered in com by a flabby middle aged white man just because he could. I found a movie of this ghetto trash white chick on Glass Mannequin where that’s exactly what the old bastard did – apparently he knew she hated old man semen so he gave her a classic surprise facial, you know, pretend you’re going to semen on her flawless little titties and “overshoot” a few inches. And this is all the trailer trash had to say……

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Maxi Booty Makes The Top Ten


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Richard Nailder just put out his top ten list of Top Ten Things I Like Hearing From A Woman During Sex and Maxi Booty made the top ten with her statement “You kill me, I might be the first youngest person to die of a heart attack.” – You rock chick – and from the looks of it, you fuck way better than the average tramp – we love you.

“Maxi Booty did her first ever smut with me and by the time we shot this, we had fucked a dozens of times and I had found most of her buttons. I came twice in this set and Maxi lost count of how many times she climaxed but she seemed to think I almost killed her for some silly reason. One of the things I love about fucking Maxi is she’s so genuine – this chick loves sex and fucking her is always a joy. Way to go Maxi – you make the list at #6?

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Number 5: “I think I came like 20 times.”

Maxi Booty – Fucking The Neighbor


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There is nothing that turns Maxi on as much as casual sex and when she needs a fat erection she stops by the neighbor’s apartment for a good fucking. Now how many hard-bodied coeds with a great round ass and pointy cans do you know that like to fuck old men just for the fun of it?  This sex session all started when Maxi stopped by to see how Richard Nailder was coming along on editing her last film. She had just gotten her own camera and wanted to try it out and soon the cute coed was masturbating as the old man helped her. Of course – he puts the film on his amateur smut site for you to enjoy.

Maxi Booty Visits The Neighbor maxibooty gnd xxxp gnd pufp nnts brunette

Maxi Booty Visits The Neighbor

Of course, what kind of man would turn down the chance to film this sexy teen brunette fingering her tight little cunt? In fact, what kind of man wouldn’t yearn for to jump in and help if he had a girl as sexy as Maxi Booty masturbating just inches from him? I for one would yearn for nothing more than to bury my fat erection deep in her wet little cunt. And that’s just what Maxi’s neighbor did.

Maxi Booty Masturbating

Maxi Booty Masturbating

And that’s exactly what Maxi’s neighbor did. Despite being well over twice her age, this dirty old bastard soon had maxi riding his throbbing erection and moaning in pleasure as she climbed onto his chair and slid her wet little pussy down onto his throbbing old erection. Pulling her undies aside and spreading her ass-cheeks, the old bastard felt her tight cunt engulf his erection as she arched her back and rode his fat old erection.

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Maxi Booty Fucking The Neighbor

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Maxi Booty Takes A Hard Schlong


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This hardcore shoot of Maxi booty was one of her first and is available in it’s full HQ version only on In this shoot the sexy Colorado teen, Maxi booty, fucks her old friend Richard Nailder – when I spoke with Richard, he claimed that Maxi has one of the sweetest coed snatches he’s ever had the pleasure of fucking – he also said that maxi is as much fun in real life as she in on set. In fact, their films parallel their private sex so closely that they usually just forget the cameras are their and fuck like they do when they are kicking it together.

This Glass Mannequin shoot is one of the few shot before Maxi changed her hair color back to her natural dark haired – personally I like Maxi as a blonde but I guess that’s a personal taste thing. What i like most about Maxi is her down-to-earth attitude and her super sexy coed body.

Of course, no Glass Mannequin shoot would be complete without a cumshot – no fake semen here – Maxi and Richard were really making love – not just fucking for some over-sized porno producer for another run-of-the-mill porno set – this was maxi at her best – taking a fat penis and lapping up all the semen the old man could throw at her.

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Angel Cakes Tastes Twat For The First Time


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Watching teens devour muffy really turns me on and watching a teen devour muffy for the first time is the ultimate turn-on for me. Lucky for us, the perverts at Glass Mannequin captured the first-ever porno vid of the hard-bodied booty-coed Angel Caked licking the cunt of a girlfriend. In fact, according to Angel, this is the first time she’s ever even been close to licking a muffy – but it would be hard to tell from this amateur sex three-some vid.

Angel Cakes Licks Her First Cunt angelcakes gracelynnmoans booty lcm bgg oldny richardnailder plts xxxp rcg lnpls

Angel Cakes Licks Her First Cunt

Angel Cakes is a super innocent looking hard-bodied coed with letter-perfect perky boobies and a unsurpassed round butt – watching her run her tongue over the swollen clit of her tattooed flaxen girlfriend as she takes a fat penis in her own shaved cunt is almost too much – well, almost – lol. Of course,, seeing her nervousness as the more experienced bi-sexual teen, Gracelynn Moans began licking her shaved muffy was hot too – in fact, hot enough that I wanted to see more of these two mischievous teens – and no one has more vid of these two sweet hearts than the guys at Glass Mannequin so check them out today.

Gracelynn Moans Eating Angel's Pussy

Gracelynn Moans eating Angel’s Pussy

Oh for the love of perky boobies, lesbian carpet munching and old men fucking coeds – everything one needs to get off – and it’s all available on Glass Mannequin

Let Me Ride You


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Hi – I know I don’t post to my blog as often as I should but give a chick a break….. after all, it was my friends birthday – so i gave him the best present I know…  My sweet little vagina sliding slowly onto his fat throbbing penis. You know – surprise birthday sex for my friend Richard Nailder – after all, he’s the dirty old man that I did my first smut with and I’ve been loving it ever since. But I know you all come here for new pics so here’s one from the party.

Maxi Booty Riding A Fat Cock

Maxi Booty Riding A Fat Cock

We put the full film on Glass Mannequin but there are a bunch of free film films here: Happy Birthday Old Man

Angel Cakes – Blow Me And Fuck Me


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Lucky for us we have all of the first pornos of the sexy amateur sex coed pornstar Angel Cakes – In fact, these amateur sex vids of the cute teenager from Colorado were shot a good year before she did her first shoot for Bang Bros or Reality King. Angel had taken a ride with Richard Nailder and crew to South Park Colorado to take a few pics and we figured – wtf – why not fuck her on the truck during the hour drive to the woods where we planned on shooting a few nude pics. handing the camera to a friend, and turning over the driving duties to another, Richard and Angel climbed in the back seat and proceeded to shoot angel in her third-ever amateur sex hardcore porno video clip. You can view Angel’s entire video clip on Real Colorado Girls right now or enjoy these free amateur sex porno vids of the cute teenage pornstar Angel Cakes vids here:

The first Real Colorado Girls shoot lets you see Angel’s immaculate perky melons and her cute innocent smile but the part I like best about Angel Cakes is her immaculate round booty – and what better way to admire her immaculate round booty that to shoot her from behind? In this amateur sex porno shoot, Angel takes the fat cock of Richard Nailder as deep in her small little cunt as the old bastard can force it.

Grabbing the shy teenager’s immaculate round butt the dirty old man rams his throbbing hard cock deep into the teenagers wet little cunt making her moan with pleasure. This shoot is just a sample of the real amateur sex porno you will find on Real Colorado Girls but if you ask me, Angel has the best coed butt of them all…..

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Cynthia Jay Audition


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I love it when a new amateur girl with unspoiled perky little tits and a shaved little cunt asks to audition in her first teen smut video clip – and I love it even better when the teenager passes the audition “test” with flying colors. This was the case with Cynthia Jay. This sexy 18-year-old teenager with perky little tits likes men, women and a nice variety of sex toys. In this audition video clip, Cynthia Jay tests the proper application of two “vibrator Factory” dildos at the same time. Cynthia is a cute 18 year old blonde girl from Colorado that loves to have her clit stimulated and the purple sextoy did just the job she needed done to get this tattooed teenager to climax in waves. Real amateur sex babes.

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