Athletic Coed Babe


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Most teenagers have nice hard-bodies and firm hooters but 18 year old Kate Kelemen has the faultless athletic teen body. I first met Kate when her brother pimped her out in her first smut video. I then did one more hardcore teen videos of this hard-bodied athletic babe before she disappeared. Kate played basketball and volleyball in high school and was still playing for a local basketball team when she did this video. If you think she has a nice round badonkadonk, you should see her swollen twat – and you can do that by joining Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Athletic teen chick – Kate

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Coed Camel Toe


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Anistaija was one of the first amateur sex models to ever work for Glass Mannequin and she is still one of the cutest skinny teenagers I’ve ever known. These photograph of her masturbating by pulling her pink undies into her shaved little teen cunt and making a real sexy camel toe were taken a few weeks after I first met her. Her and her girlfriend had stopped by the residence to chill in the hot tub and Anistaija was feeling real horny. She kept playing with her swollen clitoris and pierced nipples as we sat around the kitchen so I asked her if I could get the camera out and take a few photograph of her finger-fucking herself before we got in the hot tub. She was more than willing so I grabbed the camera, handed a video clip camera to her teen friend and we proceeded to film this cute teen playing whit her clitoris.

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Teen Model Anistaija Masturbates

I never could get her to take her little pink suit completely off because she said she liked the way it felt on her clitoris as she pulled on it – personnel I liked the sexy camel toe it was making and from the look on her face, she was enjoying it plenty. Now Anistaija is normally pretty quiet when she cums but this time she panted, gasped and threw back her fellatio – rolling her eyes back in her fellatio as her orgasm caused her tight little vagina to spasm uncontrollably.  Damn – I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to feel that on my already throbbing erection.  If you lust after to see this sexy teen getting fucked then check out her hardcore porno on Glass Mannequin today.

Teen Camel Toe

Teen Camel Toe

So – I made two free picture galleries of this cute teen model where you can see her camel toe all for your self. Of course, to see all of Anistaija’s camel toe masturbation images, you should join Glass Mannequin – do it today and I’ll give you free access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls for the same price. Welcome to Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood ;-)

I Love Errant Sisters


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Some sisters should just be spanked – and some brothers like to film their sisters getting spanked – so I guess it’s only natural that the neighborhood thugs all bring their little sisters over so they can film me ass whipping them.

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Sure, it

But seriously, I run this stupid add in the local news paper and these crazy dudes are always dropping by with their sisters in tow craving me to fuck them so the sick brothers can film their sisters in their first porno video clips. It seem some little sisters just can’t manage to stay out of trouble.  In Naught Little Hanna’s case, the little floozy had fucked her 1/2 brother’s dad……   and her 1/2 brother was pissed and wanted her punished. I did have to ask myself as I was fucking his little sister, and he was filming it, which one of these sick siblings was more perverted? The sister that would fuck her mother’s ex-husband or the sick brother that wanted to film his sister in her first porno film?

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Me Fucking His Sister

My guess is that they are both a little off-center…. And I kinda like that ;-)

Three Amateur Sex Coed Sites – One Low Price


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OK – the economy sucks and even you have to watch your budget so I decided to help out a bit by giving you unlimited access to all my sites for the price of just one. What that means is you get to see every picture and scene ever taken of all out hot models. It doesn’t matter if you want to see Violet in her first hardcore fuck scene, check out Bring Me Your Sister. If you want to see her in her first-ever orgy, check out her and Anistaija as they fuck and suck Anistaija’s well-hung boyfriend. And if you want to see her  stuffing a dildo in her shaved teen cunt, then check out  scene on photograph on Glass Mannequin – and if you want to see her fucking her first black babe, you need to be on Real Colorado Girls. The good news is – now you get all three for one low price.

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My Weekend Strip Club Visits


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Colorado has some superb titty bars and I try to visit all of them at least once a year. I known it’s a rough life but someone’s got to do it.

Friday night found me at awesome TnT’s in Colorado Springs checking out the new coed, Foxy! By now, you all know I love pointy little fun bags and Foxy has a pair of the sexiest little titties I’ve ever……. well, you’ll have to guess what I wanted to do with her titties. She also has a cute tattoo on her right leg that’s worth checking out.  I got a few dances from Foxy and as always a few from the hot little ink-cunt Diva Duz. Diva is one sexy petite black babe and a whole lot of fun.

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Diva is seen here with our hot young mom, Violet Little just before I fucked them both. Diva has great little pointy fun bags and a super ideal little ass and Violet has a great pair of substantial natural fun bags that are ideal for titty-fucking.

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Brown Haired Teenager Masturbates For Her Boyfriend


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This lucky bastard met his current girlfriend in a local sex shop. The babe came to buy a new vibrator and the man ran into her when she was choosing the best size.

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They talked a little bit about sex toys and somehow the sweet heart offered the guy to go to her place where she promised to boast about her skills. She teased the lad with her body and tongue, then she sucked his good-sized schlong and finally masturbated. The stud said that it was the most unbelievable day of his life and he was very happy that he decided to shoot the full length video. Now you can download it and enjoy it as well.

We pick up girls, take them to our place, trick them into sex and video it on camera.

Foxxy Joins Gmp – Blame Her Brother


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It’s funny how things work out sometimes but it wasn’t me that recruited Foxxy after all. Seems her 1/2 brother heard of our little “sister smut payback site” from one of his friends and since he was pissed at his sister, he showed up at my door last night with her in tow. Maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t know her all that well cuz she didn’t recognize me from the club. Anyway, Foxxy’s 1/2 brother was pissed at her for fucking his dad – no you sick fuckers, not her dad, his dad. They have the same mom but she was born after his mom and dad got divorced. Anyway, her 1/2 brother, Josh, introduced her as Hanna and wanted me to “grudge-fuck” his little sister in her first sister smut shoot as payback.

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Hanna’s brother had called first and asked a few questions – simple stuff like can I watch (fucking pervert) and can you make it hurt. I told him that he could do one better, I could let him video me fucking his sister in her first sister smut shoot… I think that turned him on but I can’t say for sure.

Anyway, Josh showed up at my door with his little trap of a sister in tow but I think he failed to realize that a girl that will fuck her 1/2 brother’s dad, had no problem fucking older guys – it’s hard to grudge-fuck some guy’s sister if she’s enjoying it as much as his little sister was – but I gave it my best.

It may take me a few days, but you can expect to see the entire sister smut film that Hanna’s brother made of his little sister on the internet at Bring Me Your Sister soon. In the meantime – stop by the club and get a dance from Foxy – tell her PapaGMP sent you ;-)

Your Sister Giggles When I Suck Her Nipples


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I know it’s weird to hear but seriously homie, your sister has ticklish nipples. Of course, you know this cuz you the pervert filming me as I sucked on your sister’s perky little nipples.

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Sucking Your Sisters Tits

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Local Newspaper Paper
11 June 2008
Personal section:

Has your sister ever done you wrong? Does she owe you dough? Has she trashed your things? Get your due payback and earn a few money. retaliation has never been so sweet. Bring Me Your Sister! Call 555-0199 today and ask for Richard.

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Sometime The Black Coeds Lust After A Giant White Meat


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Interracial sex is a impeccable thing but we so often come to expect it’s always a whopping black dick in a cute white teenager. But trust me, sometimes a cute black teenager wants a massive white dick – so why not post a few images. To start with, this is a gif from Crystal’s first smut video ever – she was real nervous as she normally only fucks women but she had pissed her brother off and he was insistent that she earn a little coin to pay him back – problem is that her sick fucking brother pimped her little black butt out to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister so he could bucks in on his sister’s unspoiled little twat.

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Older White Guy Eats A Black coeds Shaved Pussy

Of course, who in their right mind would turn down the chance to fuck a short black sweet heart as cute as Crystal? I sure as hell wouldn’t and I’m guessing that you would agree with me – interracial sex is fucking hot as hell.

Crystal Sucks Her First White Cock

Crystal Sucks Her First White Cock

And if you like little black dick-suckers, Crystal is the one for you. She really know how to please a guy with her mouth.

White Cock In Her Little Black Cunt

White dick In Her Little Black Cunt

But damn – what a tight little twat – I don’t think the old white fucker ever got more than half his dick inside her black little cunt – she kept squirming and trying to get away but he held her fact and fucked her till he cam all over her tender little twat lips. Yo can see the entire interracial teen video at Bring Me Your Sister

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