Too Many Neighbor Girls – Too Little Time


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OK – I’ve been remiss in posting to my blog so I’m going to d a little catchup. Since we filmed Kate Kelemen in her very first smut video for Bring Me Your Sister this spring – I have fucked a few of my old favorites and a few of the new neighbor coeds in Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood: Including the super hot Colorado amateur sex teen Thena Sky, her girlfriend Kaydence Skye. I also got the chance to do body sets with the super sexy and super short Kyanna Raves and Piper Brady managed to piss her brother off enough that he showed up at my front door with her in tow.

Thena is an old friend and she still sneaks over to fuck me when her boyfriend is out of town. Since he was gone for a  few weeks, I took her to Las Vegas with we both took turns fucking Kaydence Skye. I took this picture of Thena and my camera guy right before I hammered her tight teen pussy. Did I mention I made her suck my meat first? Then I bent her over and fucked her hard.

ThenaSky and my camera guy thenasky kyannaraves kaydenceskye piperbrady petite redhead braces athletic amateur teen brunette panties sisp xxxp plts pbts booty gnd

Thena Sky and my camera guy

Thena snapped this picture of the super sexy little teen redhead Kaydence Skye right after I got done fucking her. That’s her brother’s arm in the picture near the bottom. She keeps pissing her brother off and he’ll keep dragging her back to me to fuck – that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.  Kaydence has a top-notch teen body and her round little butt is so fun to spank while you’re forcing your over-sized meat in her small little pussy. You can see more of Kaydence on Bring Me Your Sister

Kaydence Skye after her 2nd hardcore shoot

Kaydence Skye after her 2nd hardcore shoot

After fucking Kyanna Raves for the first time on camera – I used her to give one of my buddies body shots! This cute little woman is brand new to smut but she sucks meat like she’s been doing it her whole life. Welcome Kyanna to the neighborhood!

Kyanna Raves does a body shot

Kyanna Raves does a body shot

Piper Brady is another new teen that just moved to the neighborhood. Like all sisters, Piper had pissed her brother off so he showed up at my door with her in tow. She had no idea when this picture was snapped that she would be fucking me before she left my apartment. Piper has a cute smile, over-sized natural fun bags and a real nice teen junk in the trunk.  I’ll have the video of this 18 year old sweet heart up on the site as soon as I get done jerking off to it.

Piper Brady and her brother at my front door

Piper Brady and her brother at my front door

So – I’m back – I’ll be posting here a little more regularly so be sure to bookmark and come back. In the mean time, check out my sites: Glass Mannequin Girls, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister

And Who The Fuck Doesn’t Love Misbehaving Sex?


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I guess all of us like a little good old fashioned mischievous sex once in a while but hell, I like it all the fucking time so I thought I’d start a blog telling bout all my mischievous sex adventures. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m known in the sex industry as PapaGMP – I’ve been working behind the camera for years and in front of the camera fucking cute neighborhood teenagers for the last three years. At almost 50 years old, I have underwear that’s older than some of the girls I’ve  fucked this year.  I run three hardcore websites, Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls and you can see me pounding mischievous teenager pussy on all three of them. Better yet, you can see all the mischievous neighbor girls that I’ve been fucking for the last three years. None of the girls on my sites have ever appeared on the internet prior to me convincing then the it was the “right” thing to do butterflyhaze jaydagarcia divaduz interracial xxxp lesbian outdoor teen amateur tattooed plts dildo lcm The do it because they are mischievous at heart and they really love sex. Here are a few images from my scrapbook of some of the mischievous girls that have had sex for my camera – some of the lucky sluts have even had sex with me ;-)

Nasty Tasha Licks Butterfly's Pussy

Nasty Tasha Licks Tattooed Butterfly’s Shaved Pussy

Tasha likes to fuck young tarts and Butterfly, with all her sexy butterfly tattoos had just turned 19 when we shot this set. She had been working with us for a while but she never got enough sex so this mischievous teenager harlot just kept coming back. Butterfly and Tasha can be seen on all three of my amateur sex porno sites: Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls. Join today and get unlimited access to the exclusive content on all three amateur sex porno sites.

Teen Amateur Jayda Masturbates Outdoors

Teen amateur sex Jayda Masturbates Outdoors

Jayda was introduced to me by a friend just after her 18th birthday. This mischievous hard-bodied Latina teen loves the outdoors almost as much as she loves sex. In fact, ask her and she’ll tell you she loves nothing more than sex in the first-class outdoors. I have thousands of mischievous images and videos of this sexy Latina teenager on Glass Mannequin – be sure to check them all out.

Forbidden Interracial Sex

Forbidden Interracial Sex With mischievous Diva

I had never fucked a black coed before I met Diva so when her brother brought her to my door in response to an add I run for Bring Me Your Sister in the local paper, I was real excited to see what it would be like to slam my substantial penis in her sweet black cunt. Trust me guys, my first interracial sex was as good as it gets. Diva then came back to do a good dozen hardcore, lesbian, and orgy shoots for all three sites. Join one – and get full access to the all at no extra cost. So – not that I’ve introduced a few of the mischievous neighborhood girls that I run into ona daily basis, be sure to check out all their mischievous sex images and videos.

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I Fucked His Sister – And Her Brother Flimed It


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Ryan was all pissed off at his little sister for wrecking his ride and he wanted revenge – and from my position, there is no better revenge on a misbehaving little sister than to have some old fart grudge-fuck her as you video it. It’s even more fun when your sister is as cute as Anistaija is. This sexy coed first appeared on Bring Me Your Sister a few months back and also appears on Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin. Ryan’s sister loves king-sized erections but she also loves having her little cunt eaten out by other misbehaving coed sluts.

Ryan's Sister Anistaija Spreads Her Legs and takes Papa's Cock oldny xxxp sisp plts skinny teen amateur blonde gnd

Ryan’s Sister Spreads Her Legs And Takes Papa’s dick In Her Tight coed Cunt

Lucky for me, this misbehaving coed not only did her first sister porno shoot on Bring Me Your Sister, she came back to fuck some of the guys and babes on Glass Mannequin. She also loves to masturbate so I have plenty of scenes of her stuffing vibrators in her little little cunt. Join any one of our hardcore amateur sex sites and I’ll give you full access to all three. You can’t get better wanking material for a lower price – anywhere.

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Ass Whipping Hannah’s Misbehaving Ass


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Hannah skipped work and didn’t want to go dwelling to her mom so she decides to stop by a neighbor’s residence and see what the old fart was up to. She also wanted a piece of his mammoth erection. The old neighbor guy caught on to her ploy right away so he decided she needed a little old fashioned punishment. Taking the 18-year old Hannah over his knee, the old fart spanked her sexy coed ass pretty hard but the naughty little Hannah still wanted his hard erection in her tight coed muffy. Enjoy the scenes – if you like them, you can download the entire DVD quality shoot on Glass Mannequin

naughtylittlehannah richardnailder shaved teen pussy hcm xxxp bfc plts brunette teen amateur gnd spanking panties

Taking a break in the whoopin, the old bastard buried his face in Hannah’s wet coed cunt and tasted her sweetness before rolling her over and resuming the punishment of the sex teens round ass. Of course, she played him on a bit….. teasing him so much that he rolled her over and spanked her till her little fanny was stripped with little red welts. Download the entire shoot of her getting spanked and fucked here: Glass Mannequin

Or you can bookmark this page and hope that i post more naughty scenes of Hannah getting spanked – or if you’re real lucky, I’ll post the slow-motion shoot of the facial she got from the old bastard after he finished whoopin her. Of course – the best way to see the entire shoot – is to Join Now Do it today and get full access to two additional amateur sex sites, Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls for no additional charge.

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Fucking Your Sister


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Sure – I have no morals – I’ll fuck YOUR sister ;-)

In fact – that’s one of the thing I like to do best – and I never mind if you desire to grab a camera and film me as I’m fucking your sister! Of course, I’m pretty sure you have to be a real sick bastard to desire to watch but sure as hell, I have no problem finding brothers that are willing to film me and their sister fucking.

ButterflyHaze sisp xxxp olndy brunette teen amateur tattooed panties pierced plts shaved fucking your sister's tight teen cunt

And some of these guys have sisters almost as hot as your own sister. So why not check out the site and see WTF is going through these brother’s heads as that film me fucking their sisters – or better yet, bring your sister to my place and I’ll let you film me fucking your sister – and then I’ll shoot hot cum all over your sister’s firm coed titties.

Licking Butterfly's Cunt butterfly loves my cum

Bare Coed


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I was fishing on a local creek a few weeks back when I spotted this sexy teenager dark haired up stream from me taking off her bikini. I guess the coed didn’t see me as she just took off her top then her bottoms and began washing herself in the creek. I’m not sure if the coed was homeless or if she was just down at the creek  having a good time but either way, I was getting a free peep-show and I wanted to see more. Hiding in a stand of willows, I got my camera out of my pocket and started snapping images of the naughty teenager as she undressed. I always carry this little digital camera when I go fishing so I can take images of the places I go and the fish I catch but I never thought I would be hiding in a bush taking images of a barely legal teenager washing her snatch in a local stream. I let my buddy have all the nekkid pictures of this coed and he posted them on his website – – you can check them out at Enjoy the samples.

ThenaSky teen amateur outdoor plts skinny brunette shaved pussy gnd

Hot teenager takes her clothes off

Watching Her Undress

Watching the dark haired undress

Naked Teenager

Naked teenager

Washing her pussy

Cute teenager washing her pussy

Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood Friends – Anistaija


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I waited a long time to get a babe as sexy as Anistaija to suck my dick – and fuck me, she did a unmarred job.

Anistaija Sucks Mr. Richard's Cock sbj xxxp teen amateur plts blonde oldny sisp

Anistaija Sucks Mr. Richard’s Cock

This cute neighbor chick made the mistake of wrecking her brother’s cars and not having a way to pay him back. Being the loving brother that he is, he brought her to me so I could audition her in her first hardcore smut vid. I had a great time – and apparently she liked it enough to come back and do 30+ more clips for me. Anistaija has one of the cutest little asses and tightest teen muffins so she was a real joy to fuck. fabulous how such a dwarf little thing can take so much dick. You can see Anistaija on all three of Mr. Richard’s sites: Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin, and Real Colorado Girls.

Teen Hope Chest


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I always dreamed about finding a teen in my hope chest so I guess that’s what motivated me to put Anistaija in a old wooden hope chest as the theme for a photo shoot. Anistaija is a small but froward teen that has worked for me a number of times and she was excited about being the coed of my dreams for this shoot and by the end of the shoot, this froward teen cunt was finger-fucking her beaver as I took closeups photograph for my website

Nasty Anistaija Hidden In My Chest amateur teen gnd brunette skinny plts

Nasty Anistaija Hidden In My Chest

I think we all like the hot teen who knows how to be seductive and teases us with an evil or sexy look. Real froward coeds figure out early that a sexy pout can get daddy to meld to her will and it works just as well on the dirty old man down the street and on her high school English teacher. Anistaija would pout till you fuck her that giggle as you shot  hot sperm all over her pointy teen breasts.

Anistaija Likes Playing Nasty Games

Anistaija Likes Playing froward Games

This was one of the first sets I did of Anistaija and she was still 18 when these photograph were taken.  She’s now almost 21 and can’t wait to hit the bars and party with all the dirty boys and froward lesbians. I have a real hot vid of her and a coed friend fucking one of the neighborhood boys and I even got to fuck this vixen on camera a couple of times. Check out for the three-some and to see my fat boner splitting her tight teen beaver.

See Anistaija Finger Herself On Our Website

See Anistaija Finger Herself On Our Website

Anistaija likes coeds as much as she likes men and I have hours of vid with this froward coed fucking her girlfriends and one real hot lesbian film where she’s fucking my girlfriend. So – if you think Anistaija’s a hottie, check out the rest of her photograph and clips on Join now and I’ll give you full access tomy other two sites, and for no addtional charge.

Fucking The Neighbor Teen – Kate Kelemen


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There are few things I’d rather do than fuck the neighbor girl on a sunny afternoon and that’s exactly what I did on this beautiful August day. 18 year old Kate Kelemen only lives a few houses down from me and had stopped by to borrow something – and to be honest, I can’t for the life of me remember what it was – but as I sat at my kitchen table devouring this hot coed’s cunt – it was no longer so important. Now I’m pretty sure all of you have a sexy babe or two in your own neighborhood that you would love to fuck – so as you watch me fucking the hard-bodied Kate – you should pretend that it’s you fucking the babe next door. To see the entire video visit Real Colorado Girls and enjoy.

KateKelemen teen amateur xxxp gnd blonde hcm plts oldny

You can see more young neighbor babes fucking on Real Colorado Girls

Let’s Take A Vote – Should I Fuck Hannah Tonight?


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OK – I’ll do it even if I loos the popular vote – but the real question is, should I shoot myself fucking her? Hannah is one of the perverted coeds in my neighborhood that likes to stop by and have a few drinks. Well, last time she was here, she left a bottle here and I told the little cunt that she would have to get the skinny little butt back her to get the bottle. Well, as luck would have it, she like to fuck when she’s drunk so my cash is on that I’m getting laid tonight and if you’re lucky, I might put the photograph on REAL COLORADO GIRLS. For thous of you that don’t know, I first met Hannah when her step brother brought her by because she had pissed him off – how? you ask, well, it seams the little tart was fucking his dad – her step dad and he didn’t like the fact that his sister was fucking his own father. When her brother saw my add in the local paper, her brother thought he would get his sister grudge-fucked by an older guy as revenge. What he didn’t think of, was his little sister likes older men – why do you think she was fuckin his dad? Here’s a pic of me fucking Hannah for the first time – you can see all the photograph and films on BRING ME YOUR SISTER

NaugthyLittleHannah sucks my cock and her friends waits xxxp bbg orgy skinny teen amateur brunette oldny bfc sbj plts gnd AutumnBreeze

Hannah sucks my boner and her friends waits

Well – to make a long story shorter (just so I can show more undressed pics of Hannah) she liked fucking me so much that she got her real brother to drag her back for a second grudge-fuck.  Then she just kept coming back for more of my over-sized boner so I put the clips on REAL COLORADO GIRLS and GLASS MANNEQUIN. In fact, I’m about ready to put a real hot set of Hannah and her girlfrined, Autumn. prime news; join any one of my sites and I’ll give you full access to the other two for no additiona cost.