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Bro – Your Sister Loves Cock


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 06-12-2010

My god, I’ve fucked a lot of perverted teenager sisters in my day but your sister, Lainna White, is a real schlong sucker and she loves it. When you showed up at my door thinking your would get a little vengeance on your sister for her breaking your flat-screen TV but the little hussy loves schlong so much that there is no way that you could call this punishment. For most guys sisters, having their brother video them in their first porno film is so fucking freaky that they never really live it down but I think your sister was turned on by the fact that you were filming her. In fact, her little snatch was so warm and wet that I almost shot my load in her as soon as my schlong slid into her tight little cunt. The reason I decided to run the add in the Colorado Springs paper asking guys to Bring Me Your Sister was because I thought all sisters were terrified by the thought of their brothers watching them have sex – fuck, your sister was so turned on by it that I found it a bit disturbing. But WTF – I soon forgot that you were even there as I slid my throbbing schlong deep in your sister’s tiny little cunt. Hell, everyone knows that short girls turn me on and short girls with great round asses even more so. So – I’m thinking to myself, if she likes schlong so much, fucking her is not a real punishment maybe I should jizz in her teenager mouth – but NO – the little cunt sucked every drop of jizz out of my schlong – then WTF – she spit it in your face…… ROTFLMAO – some brother’s just have no idea what a hussy their sisters are – man, get a fucking clue!

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Your Sister Loves Cock

Your Sister Loves Cum Too

Your Sister Loves jizz Too

BTW – how was it getting my jizz spit in your face by your own sister? You can watch your film online by signing up to Bring Me Your Sister – bet that will turn your dumb ass on – fuckin pervert!

Nubile Calista Loves Erection


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 04-12-2010

Nubile Calista teen shaved blonde petite plts xxxp

Calista is a nice-looking coed nubile sweet heart with petite perky love milk cans. This perverted sandy is always hungry for cook. Calista was very fuck addicted when she same into our studio and jumped on a men dick right from the start making a statement with a sloppy oral pleasure and rode him like a crazy before he took over. Gangbanged from behind in her favorite position she was crying of pleasure, and opening her mouth for a nice-looking portion of cum. The man was more than happy to shoot his load right there!

Nubile Calista Hardcore

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Free Sister Smut


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 01-12-2010

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I just put a bunch of free smut pics of Kirstoff’s little sister Butterfly getting fucked by that old pervert PapaGMP up. It wasn’t so bad that the old bastard fucked her but that her pervert of a brother filmed her getting screwed – all because he caught her fucking his wife. Some brothers will do anything for a little revenge.

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Now Butterfly is as cute a coed ink-slut as you’ll ever see but she really prefers to fuck coeds – having to fuck this old guy probably wasn’t on her list of things-to-do that week but her asshole of a brother wanted to see here fucked so the little pervert drug her ass to Papa’s flat. Papa did a pretty good job of grudge-fucking Butterfly and Kirstoff was happy to see his little sister hurting as Papa slid his over-sized pecker in and out of her little coed cunt.

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Papa finished by shooting a colossal load of hot cream all over the butterfly tattoos on Butterfly’s belly. Then he paid Kirstoff for his sister’s smut video and gave him a copy of the tapes. I’ll bet the sick fucker jerks off to the shoot he made of his little sister getting fucked by the old man. Hell, I did why shouldn’t he? If you lust after to see a few more free smut photograph of Kirstoff’s little sister, CLICK HERE.    Or see all the images and films at

Spread Her Butterfly Pussy


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 27-11-2010

This sick bastard drug his little sister to me for a good grudge fuck after she fucked his wife. Seams the little tramp has no infatuation for the sanctity of marriage nor any infatuation for her older brother, no wonder he decided to pimp her out in her first porno vid. Now I’m not sure if watching your sister get fucked is normal but Kirstoff seamed like he was enjoying watching the old fucker that runs Bring Me Your Sister

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Kirstoff Agrees To Pimp Out His Sister

This guy’s sexy little sister is known as “Butterfly Haze” and it’s not just for the butterfly tattoos that she has on her hard teenage body – take one look at her little “butterfly pussy” and you’ll desire to kick her brother off the camera and hold it yourself. In fact, since she’s not your sister, go ahead and slide your tongue right up her little “butterfly”.

Spreading His Sister's "Butterfly Pussy"

Spreading His Sisters Butterfly Pussy

If she were your sister, you think she’s be a little pissed off if you pimped her out? Well, Butterfly was a little pissed at her brother and she really didn’t appreciate her fuckin perv of a brother watching the old guy fuck her. In fact, I think you can tell from the look on her face that getting grudge-fucked as her brother filmed it wasn’t at the top of her list of things to do on a Saturday night.  Of course, you might desire to glance at her hard teenage body and her pointy pierced nipples just like her naughty brother did ;-) .

Butterfly Stares At Her Brother As She Gets Fucked

Butterfly Stares At Her Brother As She Gets Fucked

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Sex After Sports Competition


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 25-11-2010

They say that athletes should not fuck before competitions. And no matter how hard it is, the stud keeps to that rule but after competitions he fucks his dwarf girlfriend to death. Luckily she is also crazy about him and about his sex hunger.

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The homie fingers his girlfriend’s wet vagina and she sucks his erection and when they finally cannot wait any longer, they fuck each other until they are totally satisfied. I bet these misbehaving amateur sex coeds would fuck even if they would be in danger of being caught – maybe that would make it more fun. Their lust will wash you away thanks to the full length amateur sex video.

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Colorado Amateur Sex Has A Tight Coed Pussy


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 25-11-2010

Anistaija amateur teen blonde pierced plts tits gnd xxx girlfriend lbtsWhat do you do when you really desire to fuck a chick and you can’t ditch her boyfriend? Get her to fuck her boyfriend while you video it…..

Anistaija was one of my first models and I’ve always found her short teen body to be very sexy. During her first unclothed photo shoot, this sexy Colorado coed explained to me that her boyfriend wouldn’t devour her muff. Now being the upstanding gentleman that I am, I just had to show her what it was like to have her tight teen muff eaten by a pro. The little cunt had 3 orgasms, one after the other, before I was done and she was hooked.

It didn’t take me long to introduce her to teens. I even got to video her first chick-on-chick sex. Soon she was fucking as many of my amateur sex smut models as she could. The next step was to find some cute guy with a giant erection to fuck her on camera.

When I mentioned this to her boyfriend, Ricky, he jumped at the chance to fuck her on camera. Ricky had never worked in smut before but he rose to the task and fucked this little tramp hard. He even offered to come back and work with her and my other models anytime I needed him – go figure!

The little fucker did come back and even managed to talk the little cunt into doing an anal smut vid with him. Then he fucked his way through a few more amateur smut models – most with the help of his little teen bitch.

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Female Masturbation Scene – Hard Bodied Teenager Whore


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 25-11-2010

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Sexy Wet TeenWet Teen Pussy

Holly shit – filming this horny teen slut in the hot tub was an experience. When I mentioned to Anistaija that I wanted to film her in my new hot tub, she grabbed the Glass Mannequin vibrator and starting stripping her clothes off. Anistaija is a super-sexy hard-bodied teen hussy that will fuck just about anything and I’m not one to pass up on the opportunity to film this sexy teen hussy stuffing things into her wet teen coochie.

I quickly grabbed a film camera and headed out to the tub and proceeded to film this teen slut as she started working the glass vibrator in and out of her tight little cunt. She then climbed up on the fountain and let the streaming water massage her hard clitoris as she fucked herself with the glass sextoy. Her little cunt is so fucking tight that you can see it snap shut as she slides the glass mannequin vibrator out of her coochie – like a fucking rubber-band.

The little hussy had at least three orgasms before deciding that she had had enough. If you enjoy female masturbation videos, this is a must-see; hot wet teen coochie being busted wide open.

Kiri Starr Loves A Hard Erection In Her Wet Coed Coochie


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 25-11-2010

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There is something about wet teen pussy that turns me on – go figure! When I met Kiri Starr, she wasn’t sure she wanted to do porno but she sure as hell liked to fuck. I invited her to watch one of our sets and she was hooked! I soon had Kiri spreading her wet coed snatch for the camera. I even had the pleasure of fucking this slender coed cunt on more than one occasion. Her sweet coed snatch is already for a good hard fucking!

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Kiri is also the life of a party! Her cute smile and her willingness to walk around nekkid always gets the guys attention – although I think most of the stupid fucks never even see her smile – unless they’re lucky enough to look up after spraying a load of hot cum all over her pointy coed titties. Kira edits all of our vid now and occasionally stars in a new vid.

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Kiri has “starred” in a half dozen hardcore amateur sex porno videos including a hardcore shoot with her friend, in one party scene that we all took turns banging this nasty coed hussy (while her boyfriend filmed us). She even did a Bring Me Your Sister episode with her sister Thena – kinky sluts! If you desire to see more of this slender coed, be sure to check her out on and – stay tuned for more :-)