I Made A Homemade Clip Of Faith And Anistaija


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 21-01-2011

My life is never boring! It seams like all the horny teenagers in Colorado just lust after to get undressed and fuck in front of my camera. And who the hell am I to complain? I film all these horny sluts at my pad or in the mountains and woods around Colorado Springs. On this wonderful summer night, Anistaija and Faith Vega were at my pad feeling misbehaving. The teenagers had found a huge double-ended dildo in the guest room and had asked if I wanted to film them “trying it in for size” – well fuck me – of course I was ready!

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The teenagers started with a little cunt munching but it didn’t take Faith long to start forcing the large sex-toy into Anistaija’s small little pussy. I was amazed that it fit at all! Playing with Anistaija’s puffy clit, Faith worked the sex-toy into her wet cunt – and I filmed it all. Making homemade porno vids has become a hobby of mine so I always have a camera ready – thank God I had one on this day….

By this time, I had a throbbing hard-on but I managed to hold the camera as still as possible and focus on the lesbians that were fucking in front of me. The bulge in my pants was showing and the teenagers kept looking up and smiling. Fuck they are sexy – and fucking in my guest bedroom!

When they were playing with the sex-toy and before I had the cameras out, I bet the teenagers a 100 bills that they couldn’t fit it in their little pussies – guess what? I lost the fucking bet. If you lust after to see these nasty sluts stuffing the entire rubber dong into their small little pussies, you should take a quick look at the Glass Mannequin. And of course I have more free homemade sex vids of these lesbian sluts so check back often ;-)