Maxi Booty Fucks A Friend – Part 1


Posted by admin | Posted in Teenagers | Posted on 09-10-2012

Glass Mannequin’s sexiest teenager cunt, Maxi Booty, lives just up the street from Richard Nailder in Colorado Springs and stops by from time to time for a good fuck and that’s just what the hard-bodies teenager had in mind when she showed up at Richard’s apartment in her sexy shorts and t-shirt – maxi wanted some penis and the fact that Richard filmed everything at his apartment didn’t bother her at all. In fact, this cute coed loves making homemade sex vids and there’s no better place to make real homemade sex vids than at Richard Nailder’s place.

Of course, the old man that runs Glass Mannequin would be remiss if he didn’t play with Maxi’s undamaged teenager ass before he fucked the teenager bitch so with cameras rolling, the older man put Maxi on her knees and proceeded to grope her undamaged ass. Maxi’s muffy was getting wet so the old bastard decided he would taste the sweet folds of her teenager muffy before fucking the hot coed.

One nice thing about Glass Mannequin’s Maxi Booty – she keeps her little cunt clean and it’s always ready for a good tongue-fuck and Richard Nailder is known for his ability to bring girls to orgasm with his tongue and Maxi is no exception.  Pulling the sexy teenager’s pink underwear aside, the older man proceeded to run his wet tongue over her already fat clitoris.

Maxi moaned and arched her back, pressing her coochy into the older man’s face – moaning in pleasure, the hard-bodied coed climaxed for the first time on camera. Real orgasms caught on camera – that’s what we love about real homemade sex vids – sponsored by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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